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Our “Wellnest” in Leutasch provides our guests with a relaxing oasis. All bedrooms were designed and crafted by a local carpenter using natural materials. The main bedroom and most of the other beds are made of massive Swiss stone pine. Swiss stone pine has a warming, pleasing scent and contains an essential oil, which is proven to have a bacteriostatic, stress-relieving and calming effect.

The wellness room can be found on the ground floor and is equipped with a day bed made of Swiss stone pine as well as a “Phyhsiotherm” infrared cabin. The Physiotherm principle uses innovative approaches to infrared technology to apply heat very gently, efficiently and safely. The two most important components are the patented ceramic radiator filled with lava sand and our low-temperature infrared technology. The Physiotherm principle therefore only puts a low strain on the circulation system, even in sessions of more than 30 minutes. It nonetheless allows the body to be “heated throughout” and to sweat intensely, and it improves circulation throughout the body. Using Physiotherm infrared cabins can improve circulation and blood flow to organs, muscles, connective tissue and the skin, stimulate the metabolism, provide soothing messenger substances and modulate the immune system. Heavy sweating can also assist detoxification and purification. These are just some of the benefits of gentle deep heat that can help with a large number of conditions.


The outdoor sitting and relaxing area can be accessed both through the kitchen as well as from the living room. The hardwood terrace has a glass roof, which reaches out to the luxurious jacuzzi. The jacuzzi seats up to 6 persons and is heated all year round. Made by the top class manufacturer „Master Spas“, the jacuzzi is equipped with a colour changing LED lighting system as well as its own sound system, provide the perfect setting for relaxing for hours upon end. The modern lounge furniture and design lighting complete the picture.

To ensure nothing is missing and you can make the most of your vacation, we partner with well-chosen service partners in the region and can offer to you exclusive services such as massages, bakery deliveries, half-board options with local restaurants, or personal (ski)-trainers. For further details, please click on the “optional services” button on the right.
It will be our pleasure to assist you with any bookings and collaborate with our partners to arrange your individual solution.

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